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Colle 21 Black-21gr.



Colle 21 Black-21gr. Super Glue Black Cyanoacrylate ideal for Modeling and DIY.

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Material Glue (cyano)

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Colle 21 Black-21gr. Super Glue Black Cyanoacrylate ideal for Modeling and DIY.

COLLE 21 Black – Bottle of 21gr – Super glue with precision nozzle for the application. Ideal for natural rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, leather, cardboard and plastic (excl. PE, PP, PTFE)

Colle21 is a multi use super glue, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate.

Ultra-adhesive and extremely resistant: the Colle21 Black cyanoacrylate Glue in just 10/15 seconds with a continuous pressure of the 2 pieces.

Colle21 Black cyano is resistant to a temperature of about 150 ° C.

Colle21 Black(black cyanoacrylate glue) has a resistance of 180 kg / cm2.

Thanks to the tip of the nozzle included in the bottle, Colle21 Black(black cyanoacrylate glue) is easy to use and is applied without wasting even a drop.

Colle21 Black (black cyanoacrylate glue) can be used in your DIY, repair or construction work.

Colle 21 Blackis Ideal for use with leather, wood, ceramic, rubber, iron, metal and plastic (excl. PE, PP, PTFE) – Pressure bonding in 10-15 seconds.

Colle21 Black is water, shock and vibration resistant.

the main advantage of having a black cyanoacrylate glue is to highlight the gluing point making your work even more precise.

You can easily clean the nozzle with acetone after using it.


Product safety: This article is subject to specific warnings and safety instructions.

Warning: use Colle21 Black under the supervision of an adult Warning: it contains scents that can cause allergies, attention: use with protective equipment.

Colle21 over the course of 10 years has created a line of ideal and indispensable products for Modeling, DIY, Dental Prosthetists, Unghierie, Body Shops and other activities.

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